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The Pool is OPEN 8:00 am-6:00 pm Daily

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The Ondulando Club News

The Egg Hunt was a Big Success - watch the photos above!


The Pool and Courts are Open!

After months of construction, we have successfully completed our pool repairs. The pool is heated and currently reading 80-85F. The barbeque area, tennis courts, and basketball court are open. Restrooms with lavatories and showers are available for your use.
To thank you for your patience, all members can bring in 6 free guests per month through 30 June 2019.

We had to make some compromises to reopen the club while we construct a new clubhouse. The club is open only during daylight hours - currently 8:00 am until 7:30 pm. The spa is closed - our new pool equipment is temporarily on top of the spa so construction of the new clubhouse can proceed without delay. The bocce court is closed for repairs.

Is your membership in good standing? Your dues must be paid in full to be allowed access to the club. According to the by-laws of the club, if your dues are past due more than two quarters your membership is considered abandoned, and if you wish to rejoin The Ondulando Club you will have to pay the initiation fee again, subject to the board’s acceptance. If you are a social member and wish to re-join you will also have to pay the initiation fee and will be placed at the end of the waiting list.
To ensure that you and your family will not miss another day of swimming, BBQs, tennis and basketball, payments can be mailed to: P.O. Box 3011, Ventura, CA 93006-3011.

Thank you for your continued support. The Ondulando Club Board has worked hard to get the club reopened while we build a new clubhouse. We are committed to providing a safe, fun and enjoyable experience for all our members.


During our November 2018 general meeting, the membership voted to reinstate full dues for all members starting in April 2019.  This revenue will pay our operating expenses and build up the reserves necessary to rebuild the clubhouse and pay for future repairs.

Clubhouse Rebuilding Update

We have a $900,000 loan from the US Small Business Administration. Combined with our insurance claim proceeds and savings, we have sufficient funds to begin rebuilding the clubhouse! Detailed design, engineering, and permitting are proceeding. We anticipate starting construction late this summer. Thank you members who attended our February 2018 general meeting to review our clubhouse designs and authorize the board to borrow these vital funds.