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Pool Reopening - Soon!

We are nearly ready to open the pool while we rebuild the clubhouse. We completed the construction necessary to open, including restrooms, showers, pool filtering, chemical treatment, and heater. We repaired the tennis court fences and installed a retaining wall to hold up the adjacent hillside and keep soil off the courts. Our best estimate is that we will reopen late this winter and will be open during limited daylight hours. The main pool will be heated, and the tennis courts, bocce court, and barbeque area will be open.


During our November general meeting, the membership voted to reinstate full dues for all members when we reopen the pool. This will help us pay our operating expenses.

Construction Update

We made steady progress to rebuild the clubhouse and repair the property since our last general meeting in July. We completed soils studies and property surveys - critical information necessary to refine the clubhouse design, and complete the city plan approval process. Preliminary design graphics are shown [here] . We are very excited about the improvements being incorporated into our new clubhouse design, including a club room that will be more open and usable every day, and an improved guest entrance and vehicle passenger drop off area.

Currently, a mechanical engineer is designing and calculating the building structures and foundations in order to calculate building costs and prepare constuction permits. We have been "Pre Approved" for a loan for the additional construction costs not covered by our insurance.

Since we are adding a second story to the clubhouse, we are meeting with adjacent property owners in accordance with the Thomas Fire Rebuild Overlay Ordinance No. 2018-010 to gain their approvals to add the second story.

December 2018 News and Updates

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