The Ondulando Club News

The Pool is Closed for Construction

​​Construction Has Started! See construction photos on the Rebuilding page

We've completed the process to grade the lot for construction. This included removing concrete and asphalt from the clubhouse parking area, removing retaining walls, relocating and reconnecting pool equipment, and then recompacting the soil to meet geotechical requirements. The site is now ready for construction to begin.

We are very near an approved building permit to begin construction. We have completed several review cycles with the city to resolve additional ADA requirements and other code requirements. Our county building permit is in-hand. We are in process of getting final subcontractor bids for the numerous construction elements. We expect to begin construction very soon. We will provide another update in the near future.

The Pool and Courts are Closed for Construction

We closed the pool on Monday December 16th to begin construction. We expect the construction process will take about a year, during which the club and pool will remain closed. We will explore every opportunity to reopen the pool next summer, but until we get into construction and assess progress, we cannot predict when the pool will reopen. We will keep you informed of construction progress and reopening date through the upcoming months. 

Annual Meeting - We Elected Three Directors

At our November 2019 annual meeting we re-elected Robyn Birkimer and Tim Troske to second terms, and elected Ed Keay to the board for his first term. We recognize outgoing board members Cindy Nedbailo and Natalie More for their valuable service to the club. Cindy served as a dedicated and trustworthy treasurer who kept the club funded and fiscally sound through our Thomas Fire recovery and the pool replastering project in 2017. Natalie More reliably oversaw our party reservations, ensured we had certified lifeguards on duty, and helped in many other areas to keep the club operating.

Please keep us informed of your address and contact information

Are you moving back into your rebuilt home? Is your address, phone, or email changing? please inform our membership director, Robyn Birkimer via email or call (805) 644-1920.