April 16, 2018

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Ondulando Club Newsletter     -    April 24, 2018


The Ondulando Club News

The club had a general membership meeting on April 17.  The following issues were discussed:

  • Facilities Status – We have electricity connected and are working to get the outdoor lights reconnected.  Rhino plumbing has begun work to re-establish water service.  Geske Hauling has been selected to remove the building debris and has begun the permit process.  We are gathering quotes for a new pool filter and pump system.  It looks like we will need to repair some of the concrete decking next to the pool.
  • Kids Talent Show, Social Event and Fundraiser - The focus of this event will be a small stage and sound system  where kids can sing, dance or perform whatever they want. We hope to host this fun social event on the club grounds. Coming Saturday, May 12th.
  • Rebuilding Direction - After a discussion of various building approaches, the membership voted to pursue a custom rebuilding effort which will take into account the club’s social needs, budget, and desire to have the facilities available as much as possible during the rebuilding process.  
  • Wildfire Legal Group - The membership voted to have the Wildfire Legal Group represent the Club in a lawsuit against Southern California Edison.  We will be asking for damages equal to the cost of rebuilding not covered by insurance.  The WLG will be asking for their fees as part of the settlement, so there will be little cost to the club.
  • Clean-up Day - We expect to have a clean-up or two right before the Talent Show, either Friday, May 11 or Saturday May 12.  
  • Changes to the Board - Marlena Kohler and Trisha Dybvik have resigned from the Club Board of Directors. Mike Riehle, Craig van Wagner, and Mark Stevenson volunteered to fill the vacated positions, and the membership elected Mike and Craig to join the board.
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*** Pool Closed due to damage from Thomas Fire ***

See News section for further information and updates.

February 2, 2018


Ondulando Club Newsletter     -     February 27, 2018


Save the Date!

We will have a Kid's Talent Show and Fundraiser on Saturday, May 12th at the Club starting at 6pm.

This will be a great community event focusing primarily on getting members and the community together to have fun and also to help raise funds to assist us with the rebuild. The debris removal should be complete, so we hope to set up a stage and sound equipment on the basketball courts. Open mic - no auditions required!

The next scheduled Board of Directors meeting:

     Wednesday, May 16
​     7-8pm
     Ventura Missionary Church, room 409.

The next meeting general membership meeting:

     Wednesday, July 18
Ventura Missionary Church, room 325

The Board of Directors met on February 15.  The following issues were discussed:

  • Debris Removal – CalRecycle has turned the club down for debris removal, on the grounds that we are a “business” and the mandate for CalRecycle effort is focused on residences. We are going to meet with the city and other government officials to see if there is any way to appeal or change this. We are also starting to get bids in case we need to arrange and pay for this ourselves.
  • Insurance - We have received some payouts and continue to work with our insurance company on the details of our payout, including getting estimates for clean-up, repair and rebuilding, and determining how to get the most out of our coverage. Some damage won’t be known completely until the debris is removed.
  • Rebuilding - We are continuing with initial interviews and presentations with architects and builders to explore our options for rebuilding.
    We are looking for members who are interested in helping with this process. We do not need expertise or prior experience in this sort of building, but it wouldn’t hurt. The time and location of these meetings will be determined based on the number of people who want to be involved.

  • Community Event - Laura Allen and Bruce Weyman have offered to help the club put on a community children’s talent show as a community outreach and fundraiser for the club. They have put together similar neighborhood shows in the past, and it sounds like it could be a fun event. It would likely take place sometime in late April or early May. We are looking for volunteers to help plan and organize the event.
  • Clean-up Day - The last clean-up day was very successful (thanks to everyone who showed up!). We got a lot of natural debris (leaves, pine needles, etc) cleaned up, so it won’t end up in the pool. We are planning another clean-up day for Saturday, March 3.

  • Resource Needed: Storage building - The Club needs some sort of lockable storage unit to store tools, supplies and possibly deck furniture during the rebuilding process

For further information and updates, or to find out how to get involved,
​please see the
Help Needed section of this website.

On Tuesday, January 30, the Ondulando Club membership held a general meeting.  The following issues were discussed: 

Dues Suspended
- The membership voted to suspend dues for the first two quarters of 2018.  We will revisit this issue in June to decide if dues should be suspended for the rest of the year.
Facilities –
The pool itself, the tennis/basketball courts, the BBQ area and most of the concrete appears to be okay; all buildings, including the clubhouse, manager’s residence, the old racquetball court, and all pool equipment were destroyed.  The fences were about 50% destroyed. 
Pool Open? –
We hope to be able to open this summer, using temporary bathrooms and showers.  This will depend on timely clearing of the debris (by CalRecycle), permits from the city, and the overall cost of temporary facilities.
Clean up Days –
We need help cleaning up the club property, to keep dirt and leaves out of the pool, remove dead landscaping, sweep the tennis courts, and clean-up the grounds.  We will not be touching the building debris at this time.  We have scheduled work parties for the next two Saturdays (2/3 and 2/10).  
UPDATE: February 10 Clean-up cancelled because we got so much done on the 3rd.  Thanks to everyone who showed up to help!)

If you can help with one or both days, please contact Tim Troske at (805) 340-7388, or tim@troske.com .
For further details and updates, see the Rebuilding section of the website.

Next Steps
The next steps for the club will be to:

  • continue to work with our insurance company to work out the details of coverage and payouts;
  • to determine what is required to open the pool and courts this summer;
  • to select an architect and begin redesigning our new facilities.