Special General Meeting Summary

On Tuesday, January 30, the Ondulando Club membership held a general meeting.  The following issues were discussed: 

Dues Suspended
- The membership voted to suspend dues for the first two quarters of 2018.  We will revisit this issue in June to decide if dues should be suspended for the rest of the year.
Facilities –
The pool itself, the tennis/basketball courts, the BBQ area and most of the concrete appears to be okay; all buildings, including the clubhouse, manager’s residence, the old racquetball court, and all pool equipment were destroyed.  The fences were about 50% destroyed. 
Pool Open? –
We hope to be able to open this summer, using temporary bathrooms and showers.  This will depend on timely clearing of the debris (by CalRecycle), permits from the city, and the overall cost of temporary facilities.
Clean up Days –
We need help cleaning up the club property, to keep dirt and leaves out of the pool, remove dead landscaping, sweep the tennis courts, and clean-up the grounds.  We will not be touching the building debris at this time.  We have scheduled work parties for the next two Saturdays (2/3 and 2/10).  
UPDATE: February 10 Clean-up cancelled because we got so much done on the 3rd.  Thanks to everyone who showed up to help!)

If you can help with one or both days, please contact Tim Troske at (805) 340-7388, or tim@troske.com .
For further details and updates, see the Rebuilding section of the website.

Next Steps
The next steps for the club will be to:

  • continue to work with our insurance company to work out the details of coverage and payouts;
  • to determine what is required to open the pool and courts this summer;
  • to select an architect and begin redesigning our new facilities.

The Board of Directors will meet on:

     February 15, Ventura Missionary Church, room 409, 7-8pm
     March 13, Ventura Missionary Church, room 409, 7-8 pm

The club will have a general membership meeting on:

     April 17, Ventura Missionary Church, room 325

The Ondulando Club News

Upcoming Meetings

The past 2 ½ weeks have been filled with a roller coaster of emotions -  devastation, grief, stress, and in some instances, relief just to name a few.  Many, if not all, of us have been affected by the Thomas Fire in some way.  Whether you experienced loss, damage, or being displaced, the effects of this fire has been significant to all of us and our thoughts and sympathy are with you. Please know that we are grieving with you.  Unfortunately, one of the many losses that occurred was that of the Ondulando Clubhouse, all buildings attached to it including the Resident Managers home, and the Racquetball Court. We hope that going forward the Ondulando Club can be a source of hope and regrowth for all of our members and for community members that were affected in some way.

While going through so much heartache, we have also been moved by the outpouring of the Ondulando Residents and the entire community.  People reaching out, helping any way they can, providing whatever is needed and supporting each other through this trying time. Members have called offering to help by donating services or expertise, whatever is needed.  The support is truly amazing and is what will get us through.

Some good news, the pool, diving board, Jacuzzi, the majority of the deck, tennis courts, basketball courts and barbecue area have suffered little or no damage.  We will know more about the pool once we are able to get it cleaned but structurally it looks pretty good right now.

We have filed a claim, met with our insurance adjuster, and are compiling the requested information (estimates, list of items lost, etc.).  We have met with the accountant to find out what our minimum operating costs will be while we rebuild. We are setting up meetings with potential builders, architects, etc. so we can work on a plan and some options for members to vote on. If you have a special skillset that would be valuable to the rebuilding project, please reach out. If we all work together, we can make the clubhouse and property something truly special once again and in the process also rebuild our amazing community.

The board has decided to suspend the collection of next quarter’s dues (which would be mailed out in January) until after discussion at the special meeting.

Ondulando Club Newsletter    -       December 22, 2017


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*** Pool Closed due to damage from Thomas Fire ***

See News section for further information and updates.

It will take a village (or community) to make this happen and the outpouring of help has just begun. We will be forming special committees to deal with the aftermath of the fire. The committees are:

  • City and County Government Liaison – what do we need to do to open up the facility in phases; what resources are available to help us [Cindy]
  • Construction / Rebuild – debris removal, temporary structures, contractor/builder, permits and codes [Tim]
  • Insurance – what is covered, claim, work with insurance advocate, list of items lost [Robyn]
  • Communication – communicate with members, add a community page to the website for non-club items to support our Community Recovery Committee. [Alex]
  • Records/Document Recovery – Recover any documents from the city, county, prior Secretaries, Treasurers, etc. that we are able to get. [Natalie]
  • Locating Members – many members are displaced, we need to find as many as we can so we can continue to communicate with them. [Need a lead]
  • Community Liaison/Recovery Committee – Chaos to Community. Coordinate with community members that want to be involved in community wide information such as mental health, insurance advocates, and the major players at the poinsettia pavilion (get contact info before they disappear), code issues, etc. All of this will be community wide, not just Ondulando Club information. Ondulando Club will be a resource center for all affected. [Marlena]

We welcome any members, certificate or social, that are interested in helping to please contact Sharilyn Danebrock at
​805-218-2707 or smdanebrock@gmail.com.

In addition to bringing the Ondulando Club back, we have discussed being a resource for all of those in our community that were affected. We will be holding a meeting specifically for those in our community (not just members) that would like to be involved in developing a community resource center so we can provide assistance and information to anyone that needs it. There will be more information coming regarding that.Type your paragraph here.