News & Rules

Board of Directors

President / Website:  
Sharilyn Danebrock (805) 218-2707

Robyn Birkimer (805) 644-1920

Cindy Nedbailo (805) 218-0284

Secretary / Membership:  
Susan Stuart (805) 797-0375

Staci Holloway (805) 216-7341

Party Reservations/Social Director:  
Mary Troske (805) 701-5209

Building & Grounds:  
Natalie More  (805) 766-1908

Teresa Hurley (805) 340-0182

Resident Manager:
Marshall Laminen  (805) 626-8943

Facilities Technician:
Chuck Newman (805) 816-5114


Established in 1961

The Ondulando Club was established in 1961 as a place for families of the Ondulando area to gather for swimming, tennis, parties and social events. 

Today, over 230 families are members of The Ondulando Club. The Club is open to Ondulando property owners and others who are referred by a current Ondulando Club member. The Ondulando Club has been a family friendly community pool in Ventura for fifty six years!

The facility is open year round for swimming, basketball, tennis, BBQs, and parties. The pool is solar heated year round, however, the gas heater is turned on from March through December.

Winter hours are; 7 am - 9 pm. Pool and gates locked at 8:45 PM to allow for clean up. Summer hours are 7am - 10pm. Gates close at 9:45

Lifeguards will be on duty for summer recess and parties but always keep an eye on your little ones.

This is a private facility for members and their invited guests. For membership information, see our Membership Page.


The concrete at the bottom of the pool is in place and has cured. The pool edge coping and tiles have been installed. The materials for the deck around the pool have been delivered and the base layer is being put in.  Reinforcing steel will go in the deck next week and then the concrete for the deck will be placed.  Once the deck is complete, the pool will be plastered.  After that, final details - the diving board, remaining ADA compliant items, and filling the pool with water will take place.  We have two remaining inspections - one for the decking, and a final inspection after the pool is filled. We hope to have an approximate opening date by the end of next week.

We found several plumbing leaks during this project. All the drains and lines were pressure tested and 2 more leaks were detected.  One was found easily and has been repaired, the second one has been a bit more tricky.  A leak detection company was called and we are actively working on locating that leak to get it repaired.  This leak is not impacting any of the other work going on, it just needs to be found and repaired prior to the final inspections. 

We are coming towards the end of this big project.  We can't wait for the re-opening celebration!!

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