Damage Update

Work PartY

​March 3, 2018

We're getting the pool cleaned up at the Ondulando Club.  You can see some fire damage to the concrete decking in the foreground, but the pool itself seems to be in good shape.  

​February 3, 2018

Many hands make light work!

Many members and volunteers showed up to clean up the pool and the grounds around it.  The deck cleaned up nicely (and now we don't have to worry about all those pine needles blowing into the pool).

Fire Damage

*** Pool Closed due to damage from Thomas Fire ***

See News section for further information and updates.

Debris removal

December 20, 2017                    

Our initial assessment is that the buildings and much of the fencing was destroyed, but the pool itself does not seem to have been damaged.  The tennis and basketball courts, as well as the barbeque pits seem to be dirty, but unharmed.

We are currently meeting with the insurance adjusters as well as the city and county to determine what we need to do to reopen the facilities. 

Pool Shaping Up

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