The Ondulando Club News

The Pool is Closed for Construction

​​Construction Begins!

We started construction on 22 June! We expect to be complete in time to reopen the pool next Spring. We will post construction photos to the website so you can follow the progress.

It has been a long and frustrating Spring. The building permit approval process has gone very slowly. We've gone through many review cycles with the city to gain approval of our building plans. We also had to adjust the scope of the project to match our available construction funds. Our current plan is to build one of the two buildings in our master plan. The pool equipment/restrooms/manager residence building will be built now, and when we obtain more funds in the future, the clubroom/kitchen building will be built. This will allow us to meet all the operational, safety, and accessibility requirements necessary to reopen the pool as quickly as possible, while living within our budget. We continue to participate in a lawsuit against Southern California Edison. If successful, we hope to gain the additional money needed to build the clubroom/kitchen building.

The tennis courts are currently closed. The board is exploring whether the courts can be opened during the summer, but there are several logistical challenges to resolve like safe access and adequate facilities. Construction is underway and we expect the club driveway to be dug up soon to bury utility lines which will make it unsafe to drive or walk to the court from the upper driveway gate at Skyview Terrace.  Access from the lower driveway gate on Nob Hill and lower parking lot is currently blocked by construction traffic and is unsafe. We also have to resolve the problem of gate controls to the courts and restrooms. We are investigating these problems and will be able to report definitively to the membership soon.

We all regret we will not be open for swimming this summer. Three months of isolation followed by some warm weather has made us all anxious for swimming, fun, and relaxation. Thank you for your continued membership. We are going to get through the rebuilding and get the pool reopened, just not as quickly as we all would like.

The Bocce Court is Repaired

Thank you Julian Lipscomb, a local Boy Scout who repaired the bocce court for his Eagle Scout project!

Please keep us informed of your address and contact information

Are you moving back into your rebuilt home? Is your address, phone, or email changing? please inform our membership director, Robyn Birkimer via email or call (805) 644-1920.